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Agriturismo Villa Sant'Erasmo  Agriturismo di Charme


Via Sant'Erasmo 2, Località Porciano 03013 Fumone (Frosinone)

Cell. +39 393 4290820


Email: villasanterasmo@gmail.com


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Welcome to our Charming Residence


The Charming Residence Villa Sant'Erasmo is located close to Lake Canterno, a few kilometers from Rome. From the A1 motorway, exit at the Anagni toll booth and take the Anti-Colana highway to Fiuggi. In the last kilometers of the journey you can admire the beautiful landscape of the lake and the splendor of the greenery that surrounds it.


our Vision & …


By implementing a process of continuous improvement of the quality standard of services, promoting the essence of hospitality value, and adopting a sustainable management system with a strong customer orientation, Villa Sant'Erasmo aims to offer each guest unforgettable moments of well-being during their vacation.

We guarantee welcoming indoor spaces, a professional and helpful team, and an atmosphere of harmony and serenity.


Moreover, our contribution and attention to the needs and emotions of our guests are tangible even outside the property.


We firmly believe that emotional tourism stems from an empathetic relationship between the guest and the natural environment, the culture, and traditions of the destination. For this reason, we aim to protect and enhance the territory to which we belong through the implementation of sustainable development policies.

Villa Sant'Erasmo is located within the natural reserve of Lake Canterno, and we consider it fundamental to actively participate in the safeguarding and care of this wonderful protected area, constantly and effectively committing to the protection of the natural environment.


We are aware of the importance of our role and the responsibilities entrusted to us as a hospitality and tourism promotion facility. We embrace the values of the Lake Canterno Park, walking parallel to it towards the same objectives of enhancing natural, landscape, and cultural assets, protecting biodiversity and the ecosystem.




We encourage all involved parties, hotel collaborators and guests, to reduce energy and water consumption, waste, and to implement ecological practices to actively participate in the global challenge of sustainability and to promote sustainable tourism.




Villa Sant'Erasmo is more than a brand: it is a wonderful and harmonious system of people and professionalism, it is a universe where the excellence of services and the guest's comfort are supported by a strong work ethic, and the family tradition tells a story that is always capable of renewal.


We wish that the customer, from the moment they enter our hotel, feels like an integral part of our corporate and family vision, making them feel like a part of a large family.